This book is riveting in its context and in the author’s expressions of a set time in her life. It has the honest and open opinions of a young woman who is very keenly perceptive in all people and situations about her.
I have also learned many things as it pertains to the Australian way. Many pieces of language and terminologies are apparently privy to that corner of the world. I found them to still be comprehensible; sometimes light and airy, sometimes comical

The ultimate thrust of the story; the love, honor and valor of a very young woman placed in a very difficult situation, was vividly seen throughout the story! I applaud the author for her compassion in sharing this story and conveying the important issues of brain injuries which could happen to anybody at any time.

Great Story!



Norma Fowler

Author of The False Prophet, The Devil & John Raines, Lucky Penny, several  poems and short stories
Northern Kentucky, USA 

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