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What are the chances of getting your lost property back in Sydney? Pretty big. But if it doesn’t have your phone number somewhere on it, cool your heels eight days before you may retrieve it.

Okay,  I’m sharing my experience, and this is the story of my wallet, lost Monday nine days ago while I was showing Sydney to some visitors. I saw it last at Wynyard Station when I was buying them cold drinks from the vending machine, just a few minutes before hopping into a North Shore train. When I realised that I had no wallet with me after leaving the train, I returned to my local station and spoke with the local Lost Property. The staff kindly checked their list. OMG, there were about 50 wallets found that day alone! But none was mine.

She said, “You might have lost it on the train or in the city. Call the main Lost Property, 93793341.”

93793341 only gives out a recorded message. It says the address of Sydney Trains’ Lost Property office is 484 Pitt Street, Sydney, the opening hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and that they receive lost properties 7 days after the items are found. But, but my son’s umbrella was found on the same day! In fact, the Lost Property called us one hour after it was lost. So I went to their office the next day, which was located underneath Central Station, roughly under Central’s Big Ben, next to Canberra buses. I was told that my son’s umbrella had our phone number on it, but please come back a week later to check about my wallet.

I filled a lost-item form before I left, and from the glass wall I could see hundreds of big bags and suitcases, and, and a huge bicycle! Who on earth lost such a big bike on the train, and how?

The kids’ French teacher advised me to report to the Police and  fill the lost-property report, in case somebody handed it to the Police.

I confiscated hubby’s bankcard (yeah, I know his PIN number 🙂  ). He said to order new cards, but instead I phoned my bank to block my bankcard until I could find my wallet.  I had hopes to find it because, somehow, my level of anxiety was very low.

And today I had my wallet back!

The Lost Property had not phoned me back, because they’d just received the item last night. It’s been kept at Wynyard’s Lost Property for 7 days. I hadn’t checked there, thinking I’d lost it in the train. So this morning, after 8 days, I visited the main Lost Property office.

When I first came in, the staff behind the counter searched his computer for my name. First he asked how much cash I had in it, and when I answered correctly, he opened the connecting door and took me to see the wallets. OMG… there were hundreds upon hundreds of found wallets! Shelves upon shelves of them! In various colours,  from tiny thin ones to larger ladies’ purses. As a test, I was asked to pick mine ~ which was easy because I saw it right on the top. As proof of ID, I had to show them my passport, because my other IDs  were inside the wallet. Then I had to pay a $7.20 retrieving fee.

I thanked God for the kind person who handed it in at Wynyard, with all the cash and cards intact. There was no cash inside my wallet though, they have the policy to bank all found money.  I gave them my bank details, and they will transfer the cash, all of it, directly to my bank account.

Readers, I hope you will never lose anything when you visit Sydney. To the Sydneysiders, please write your phone number on all of your important items now! Yeah, including on your big bicycles 🙂

Good luck!


After a wonderful day in Sydney Harbour, I refused  to believe the end would be ugly. I had hopes I would find my lost wallet because, somehow, my level of anxiety was very low.

After a wonderful day in Sydney Harbour, I refused to believe the end would be ugly. I had hopes I would find my lost wallet because, somehow, my level of anxiety was very low.



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