How to use your personal best in putting forward a highly readable book

—a step-by-step guide towards quality self-publishing.

An upcoming book by Ia Uaro & Irina Dunn


Today’s market

I was a published author at 17 who quit writing at 30 when my toddler started to help me typing. Returning to the writing scene two decades later, I discovered that a daunting new world awaits today’s new authors:

  • Traditional publishers can’t afford to risk their business finance investing in untried, newbie fiction authors. (The reason in simple, fictions don’t sell, or the sales generated are negligible after the publishing and advertising costs. Writing mentor Irina Dunn asks this question: “Would you like to change your story to non fiction? You know that fictions don’t sell, don’t you?” )
  • Literary agents are few in numbers. They are already occupied with the work of established authors.
  • Advance technology has made self-publishing too easy. Over 10,000 new books are being self-published every week, making it extremely difficult for a new voice to be heard.
  • The majority of self-published books debase literature in content and quality. This drives book businesses to shun self-published authors.
  • Sharks infest every water that a self-published author must tread in. Eight-million-too-many authors are easy preys to thriving businesses that create wealth out of their victims’ desperate attempt at successful self-publishing.
  • The social media can be powerful tools. However, their nature and the time they consume have the evil potentials to bring you down.

 Make the right choices every time. 

Why self-publishing

The unfavourable market condition for fiction does not change the fact that some talented authors have continued to produce excellent stories. You may opt to self-publish because:

  • Although traditional publishing allows you the time and luxury to focus in your art of writing, this option is hardly available for new authors.
  • You have written a masterpiece that goes against traditional recipes. You aren’t prepared to alter your work into a mainstream book-after-the-publishers’-hearts.
  • You have potential readers out there. They will appreciate your creative writing and will treasure your books close to their hearts even in the decades to come.
  • You may have written a currently hot topic. You have queried traditional businesses, but further wait will make you lose sales’ momentum.
  • You want 70% royalty. You are an established author with fans; you object to the miserly pay from your previous traditional publishers.
  • Print-on-demand and eBook cost nothing financially. Although you may want to invest in the manuscript preparation and in marketing.
  • Self-publishing is a time-consuming herculean task, but it is an achievable herculean task.
  • You can learn new skills. You will wear a broad smile of accomplishment each time you master a difficult task.
  • You will endlessly meet fascinating new people. You will interact with truck drivers, seasoned diplomats, police commanders, museum directors, music composers, etc, etc. You will help them and they will take from you, and you will be amazed by their effort to support your book. Their friendships alone are priceless.
  • In a very short time, you won’t be who you are today. You will have developed new abilities—even if you don’t realise it, people notice. (A year ago when my website first went live, Irina said it was uninteresting—but a year onward she visited again and asked me to co-write this guide.)

Writing is always better than not writing. It is an endless journey of wonderful self discovery, as well as the discovery of our fascinating world. 

New Authors’ Pathfinder

This book is a navigation guide to help new authors put forward their highly readable books. Compiled from the personal experiences of Irina Dunn and myself in writing and publishing, we show the steps that quality authors need to take in order to stand out in the saturated book business. This is not a promise that your work will become a bestseller, but following this guide will help maximise your potentials and your chances.

Stay tuned for the updates. I will post the book’s excerpts regularly.


You are a unique child of this world. What you have to offer matters.

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