Story and illustrations by  Ia Uaro.

Humour. Socio fiction. Coming-of-age. Love story.

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Sydney's Song

2013 Finalist in Humor




Story: Ia Uaro

Spanish translation: Sadie Duarte


Cover and art work:

Vignette illustrations: Ia Uaro

Character portraits: Alexandra Davidoff

Make Way For Ducklings: Will Belacqua and Abbir

Cover design: Ideantity

Interior design: Ia Uaro


Cover photo for "Heart of Borneo" by © John Bevan



Book Trailer:

Design and illustrations: Ia Uaro

Music: Michael Maas




Make Way For Ducklings, by Erick Gallun

2000 Olympic Torch, National Library of Australia




i have been dreaming to be a tree - by Byeong Doo Moon
eye sea you - by Tim and Shayn Amber Wetherell
Make Way For Ducklings  - by Nancy Schön

2000 Olympic Torch by Blue Sky and G.A. & L. Harrington

transfiguration "screw" IX - by Mitsuo Takeuchi



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"Strong characters, evocative writing..."


"An in-depth look to the mental anguish but, at the same time, gives a glimmer of hope."

Sadie Duarte on Sydney's Song

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