Story and illustrations by  Ia Uaro.

Humour. Socio fiction. Coming-of-age. Love story.

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Sydney's Song

2013 Finalist in Humor

Ia - a self portrait

Hello and Welcome.



I am Ia Uaro and I write humorous real-life socio fiction.


I started writing at 17. I tutored my young cousin Math, and while he was working on the problems I read his teen mag which had a fiction section. I thought, “I could do this.” And I did, and it was fun. My work was first published as a serial in the teen mag. Every week my cousin would show me my own writing, saying, “You must read this! You must read this week’s installment!”… until the week when I described his unique dogs and cats .


I don’t think of genre. Who would remember that when inspiration hits and you’re writing furiously? But it seems my writing tend to be YA-ish.

When I'm not writing, I’m mostly a mother and a friend who loves baking, gardening, and the outdoors.

I love to take pictures, though I’m not a photographer. My daughter says she’ll scream if I take another pic, but she still accompanies me on my jaunts. If you love photography, Sydney is the place to be. We have so many festivals dubbed the tripod festivals.

I love to sing, though I’m a poor singer.

I love gardening, and I’m a volunteer in a community garden.

I love to stitch. I made many bridal gowns, professionally, once upon a time. Nowadays I volunteer to make pretty “dresses” for paralyzed 90-something girls, those who are so sick of hospital “uniform” and still put on lipstick and want to look dignified.

I love beaches and forests. I used to climb the mountains all the time. Now hubby has disabilities, but my little son accompanies me walking in the nearby forest, provided it hasn’t been raining because he hates leeches.

And I love writing. Of course. And to draw.

I live with the kindest, loving husband, and two growing kids. I have an adult son who lives not too far away. My longtime friend’s family and mine are inseparable. I also have a sister-in-law who lives 20 minutes away. Our other relatives are scattered in many countries.

Hubby and kids have been very, very patient even though my activities have taken away their creature comforts. Judging by their show of love, I’m so glad that my comeback to writing is at the time when they can look after me instead of the other way round.

The most encouraging backers are my sister-in-law and my longtime friend. They were my initial beta readers, and have remained tirelessly helpful in every way they can. My sister-in-law built my website, and she didn’t murder me when I kept revising the design. My longtime friend is a stout supporter. We have experienced so much through the vicissitudes of life, and she’s always stood by me no matter what.

Very important though, are my old fans, because they remind me that I have something to give to the world. A few fans tracked me down, asking me to write again. Here’s hoping that SYDNEY’S SONG will brighten and inspire more lives. It sure has more depth than a teen’s work.

I’m pro-active and I have so much love to give.

Time-wise, I spend at least 200 hours every month in helping other indie authors, besides being a volunteer in several kinds of community work.

When it’s in my capacity, I will jump at the first chance I’m given to help others, and I’d love to invite everyone to check out the following organizations.

I support Lendwithcare, where you microfinance small companies to eliminate poverty. I write how compassion for others motivates me to lend in their blog.
I support Unicef and several other organizations involving children, because young people don’t know how to help themselves. I also support a
few charities and research centres that aim to preserve human dignity.

When it’s in your capacity, I’d like to call everyone to help eliminate sufferings. Be kind to others, love for all, hatred for none.

Part of SYDNEY’S SONG proceeds will go to BRAIN FOUNDATION. I invite readers to learn about the reason from my true story in Sydney’s Song. It's a delightful series of unfortunate events. It is far from gloomy, and I hope my readers will come back to re-read it somewhere in the future, whenever they are feeling sad, to give them strength and courage to face life.

Sydney's Song first of all aims to be an entertaining read.  I whipped up pain, obnoxiousness, love, loss, laughter that most readers can relate to, and roll them into a story that I hope will bring smiles to all.


A vivid portrayal of the people around me, this work of fiction is based on real events. The first half is a socio-fiction which is an insider’s account of a modern day’s call-centre slavery. It describes the merciless abuse by callers, employer and government agencies suffered by my previous co-workers. The second half is my husband’s true condition and a humorous take on life despite dealing with disabilities.

Sydney's Song also calls for dialogue and tolerance on difficult topics pertaining to modern society, but in a light and airy rather than heavy-handed way.

I started to writr Sydney's Song in July 2010 to show my then 13-year-old daughter that if she kept on writing, she would eventually reach the finish line. Little did I know the writing process would open up a whole new world of global friendship for me, where I get to meet many very special, supportive people in Australia and half the globe away. 


I would love to know my readers too and I welcome feedback and comments.  Come visit my Guestbook and drop me a line. If you are an artist or a writer, please share you work info. If you are a Sydneysider or a former visitor of Sydney, please tell me your most memorable moment in my city. Or if you just want to say hello, that’s fine too.


If you are from a disability organisation, you are invited to use Sydney's Song for your charity fundraising.                         


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Thank you for your interest!

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