Story and illustrations by  Ia Uaro.

Humour. Socio fiction. Coming-of-age. Love story.

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Sydney's Song

2013 Finalist in Humor


One of my very best friends, 89-year-old WW2 veteran, retired federal civil servant, author Allan Wilford Howerton, has proven Aussie slang isn't that difficult to digest. I showed him my AUTHOR'S NOTES for SYDNEY'S SONG and asked for his feedback.

Part of my AUTHOR'S NOTES, to be placed before the opening chapter:

I did not set out to write tortuous vernaculars. The choice of words and phrases flowed naturally.
For non-Aussie readers, in case needed here are some regional terms:

arvo – afternoon,
barbie – barbeque
bloke – man
bogan – low-cultured person
brekkie – breakfast
bush – forest
coldie – beer
grog – alcohol
gum tree – eucalyptus tree
HSC – Higher School Certificate
idiot box – TV
journo – journalist
Pom – British
pressies – presents
schoolies – a week-long Australian school-leavers’ party
slower than a wet week – boring
uni – university
woop-woop – far-flung


Allan, who had never heard of the above Aussie slang, promptly wrote:


"This non-journo bloke having read your Author's Notes this arvo without benefit of idiot box or consultation with a brogan and sans the influence of neither coldie nor grog, do herewith pronounce it acceptable for perusal 'neath gum tree or wherever no matter how woop-woop the setting whether a slower than a wet week uni or lively schoolie."


See? That's one of the many reasons he's my best friend!

Writerly Feedback

Allan Howerton

"It really made me feel as though I was right there in Australia! Oh and the ending—OMG wonderful!

Applaud, applaud."


Sydney's Song—love story, Australian adventure, humorous socio fiction, coming-of-age YA novel for both young adult and adult readers.



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